Chronicles of Heroes

"Chronicles of Heroes"
Genre: Fusion MORPG Mobile GAME [TCG+AOS+RPG]

Minimum requirement: Android Galaxy S-2, I-Phone 4.

- Chose growing MORPG concept for expanding PLC to provide endless gameplay.
- Auto Play.
- Implemented PathFinding(A*) AI to prevent monsters from colliding one another.
- Swipe Touch Input Technology.
- Patch Defense Mode.
Chronicles of Heroes

  • TCG Contents                    
  • AOS Contents
  • RPG Contents
  • Cash Contents
  • 합성/강화 상점[Synthetic / Enhanced SHOP]
  • 리그전 전투[League Battle]
  • 시즌 랭킹 갱신, 티어 등급[Season Rankings updated, Tier rating]
  • 몬스터를 자원으로 활용[Take advantage of the monster as a resource]